This post is for you if you are an introvert person but being criticised by society for being introvert. 

This post is for you if you know someone who is introvert and you know someone who keep criticising him for being an introvert. 

I was an extremely introvert and shy person throughout my entire childhood.  I rarely used to speak to anyone whenever we visited to our relatives or the relatives visited us. Apart from saying namaste to each and every one of my elders, I hardly used to speak to anyone (even that I was forced to greet, to keep the relatives blessed). I was open only to very few friends and immediate family members. I used to hate family gatherings, hated parties and avoided traveling wherever possible.  

The real problem I faced was being constantly criticised by some of my family members and relatives. They never missed any opportunity to mock me in front of everyone that I am a dumb person. Sometimes they even used to force me just to speak anything in front of others to prove that I am not a dumb person. I can’t even describe in words how embarrassing those situations were and how slowly it impacted my self-confidence. In my entire childhood, I used to think that I have some kind of psychological disease and being introvert is bad. The more I was trying to be an extrovert, the more I was becoming an introvert. 

I am in my late thirties now, I am still an introvert. However, the big difference between my childhood and now is that I stopped bothering about society. I stopped trying to become something which I am not. 

I do spend enough time daily introspecting myself rather than thinking about what is happening externally. I love talking to nature, talking to god on various topics. In return nature responds back in inexplicable ways. I am proud of myself for being an introvert. It is a gift from nature which not everyone gets. Given a choice, I would really prefer being an introvert in my next life as well. 

So what can you do if you are being criticised by others ? 

  1. Ignore them and focus on your life and career. They will probably never understand you. 
  2. If you are frustrated or angry with someone, please forgive them (if you can). After all they are also humans and anyone can make mistakes. 
  3. Don’t try to be something which you are not, unless you genuinely want to change yourself (not just because of the pressure from the society). 

What can you do if you are criticising others ? 

  1. You are already a sick person. Spend time in silence, Introspect yourself. It will not only help you in building better relationships with others but also makes you a better person.

Please share in the comments if you had a similar experience.