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Accept and than act whatever the present moment contains, accept it as you have chosen in your life .When we accept the situation , our. mind is stable and silent , when we do not accept the situation , our mind is disturbed and it is under indecisiveness .
Accept does not mean that everything is happening is perfect , it means that our mind is perfect .Accept does not mean to let the things as be they are , accept means that our mind is working stable on the situation.
When we take the situation with disturbed mind , the situation influences on our mind and our mind gets controlled by situation, if we become calm and stable, our mind influences the situation. Our mind control the situation .
Every situation coming before us is the consequences of our past karmic A/c. While choosing our Karmas we also choose the consequences happening to us . This understanding helps us to accept the situation with rightful attitude .
Therefore , it is important to choose right response of our present Karmas .


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