Before you read the article, I must tell you I am no authority to be believed , I am not a Guru or a Yogi , I am just representing my view points?

Why Belief?

In  Today’s world  , we see how often people tell us to believe in something , whether it be ourselves , or our dreams , or maybe the future , maybe even God. I dare to question why we believe in any of those things , we don’t know if they exist or not , but we always believe . Why?  Why should be believe when we have intelligence . The nature of intelligence is to probe into everything and find out the answer , either through logic , intuition or direct experience . According to my view , humans want to know rather than believe , but either due to fear , respect , culture or maybe even the internet ! we fall into believing things . 

many self help books tell us to believe and say that believing something will happen may bring alot of benefits to us , maybe material or maybe even Spiritual , but does that really seem true? and even if it is true , it doesn’t really matter , firstly because all those benefits can also come to us through doing Karma rather than just believing , secondly and the most important problem  with believing I see is that believing freezes us in one frame of mind , rather than letting us be open minded in our ventures and pursuits .Once we become Open minded there seldom is room for us to grown and evolve because we are fixed in our frame of mind.

Just think back in times and see the great people who have achieved something . Contrary to most self help books , I don’t think they believed that something will happen . For example , would the plane be made by the Wright Brothers if they had believed what everybody believed at that time(that it was impossible to do!)?,no! but they dared to be open minded . Would Om Swami have had achieved his vision , without ever doubting the belief about god(see that it is not possible to seek god , if you  believe it exists!).

Now Some People may say that the people mentioned above did so because because they believed they will achieve it , but actually no! they did never believe things , the one thing they did have was faith ! that something would happen! remember faith is different from belief .