Hello everyone, 

I wonder how believeing in oneself paves way for so many good things in life. Today I am going to share a story which is related to believe in yourself and how you will find success. 

Here’s the story :

Once there was boy in a village who loved and was good at playing guitar. After some day’s there was a guitar playing competition but he was not taking part in it. He thinks that he will not play guitar good in the competition. His grandma tried to increase his confidence level but she wasn’t able to do so. So motivate him, she told a story to her grandson which was related to believe in yourself. She recited a story that once there were two best friend lived in village. One was named as Jack who was 6 years old and his friend was named as Luis and he was of 10 years old. One day they thought go on a adventurous trip, so they went a bit far from there home. He went there and started playing. As the kite stuck on the tree, Luis was trying to bring back the kite from the tree and unfortunately he fell down in the well which was near the tree. He started screaming ” help , help “. His friend started looking here and there for someone to help but he saw noone around, so without wasting time, to save his friend l, he looked around and saw a bucket with rope. He thought to drop it in well and pull his friend back. As he dropped the bucket in well and said Luis to grab the bucket and then Jack started pulling his friend out of well. They were very happy and cheering each other. In a hurry they went back to village and told everyone that he pulled out his friend out of the well but, no one believed them. But his grandfather believed but villagers asked him that how he can pull him out. He is not even able to pull up a bucket of water. Grandfather said that there was no one to tell that you can’t do it so. He believed in himself tried to pull out Luis and he was successful.


I learnt that we should always believe in ourself and have confidence to do the things. So, it is very important to believe in yourself. 

     Jai Sri Hari🙏🏻🙏🏻

Keep Smiling 😊😊


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