Some of my students complained to me, “Sir, we have done post graduation with distinction, but we are still unemployed. Duffers are enjoying their lives as their “papas” are either well connected or moneybags.”

I agree!

Corrupt, fools, goons are definitely becoming rich, getting cushy jobs solely on the basis of “sifarish” while skilled and upright persons can be found doing odd and petty jobs to barely make ends meet.

Naturally, more and more honest and capable people are turning atheists.

I, however, have a strong belief that He is a meticulous planner.
Everything goes as per His design, incomprehensible to us.

Perhaps Lord Shiva has deliberately put blockheads in the positions of authority so as to decimate the world and replace it with a new world based on truthfulness and righteousness.

Trust Him! He is omniscient.
Nobody can ever deceive Him.

Virtuous and competent persons will surely have a last laugh.

Well, He is my bosom friend. I share my joys and sorrows with Him, often quarrel with Him.

I have written the following composition :

All your power, possessions, kin and vim,
He can snatch away all on a whim,
Don’t brag about, everything belongs to Him.

My Lord, you have sentenced me imprisonment for life time,
Since then you have been holing up all the time,
Though none dare challenge the verdict of thine,
At least let me know the crime of mine.

~ Sanjay Gargish ~

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