To remove this darkness,Guru Nanak has come to this world.

He has blessed his disciples and made them saints and they are now blessing the people.

In the entire kingdom,the news of the arrival of Guru Nanak,and my entire story spread.

How wonderful ! Beloved Gurunanak has come to our palace.

But me, stupid,who was blessed and loved even after killing someone, who was ignorant , careless and carefree from birth,who was naive,how could I know how to accord a befitting reception to a big person,and how to get his pleasure,and how to respect him ?

I used to tell the Guru whatever came to my mind.

With folded hands,I told him,:O, saviour,I have not much sense.Everybody says,today is a day of rejoicing.I do not know how to rejoice.I have not much sense.I don’t understand.

Bless me that I don’t forget the Lord again.The name that you have given,I feel it’s strength in me.This should remain till I am living.

One more favor,you do to me.You lay foundation stone of a Gurudwara with your sacred hands in this kingdom,where your blessed people could gather as a holy congregation,and the city dwellers may become your Disciples and pursue the path of religiousness.This is my second rejoice.

The Guru was delighted to hear my prayer.



With great enthusiasm, he laid the foundation stone of a Gurudwara.He sat there ,and gave the name nectar to everybody,and put them on the true path.The whole kingdom was blessed.

In the evening,Guru Nanak himself sang the Aarti, listening to which,one goes into ecstasy.

O,traveler,this is the place where the beloved was shot,where I remembered the Beloved’s beloved for years,where Guru Nanak came and sat,and where divine music was sung even after the Guru was left.

The Guru stayed in our palace all through mid October to mid-December.

Now,Guru Nanak had to go to other places to bless people.How could my love tolerate the separation?

But now,my love  had a broadened thinking.His coming to the world was for humanity’s sake and I realised that.

To be happy in his pleasure,and to be ready in his orders,and receptive to his wishes ,was my respectful love for him.

I was happy and I was praying:O Guru Nanak, please come again.Be in my heart when you are away from my eyes.The remembrance of the Lord that you have given me, please keep it strong.I should not forget even in one breath.Let me always be at your feet.If I go in forgetfulness, please pull me into remembrance.Today , you are going.Please do come again.You have picked me up from dust and put me in the sky.Please be my savior always.

In our love and pangs of separation,the Guru got ready to go.

After showering immense blessings,my Beloved’s beloved went to another place.

We felt very sad.But we had love and tranquility in us.

The remembrance of the Lord and recitation of His name became incessant.

My father was ruling the kingdom and I was serving the holy congregation.

Guru Nanak’s words became fruitful my brother became the ruler after my father.

I completed my age of fifty years that was written on my forehead.

Yes,traveller,here a stranger,pure hearted soul was reciting the Lord’s name,who was alone,and nobody knew him,who was shot at by stupid dirty hands and was later cremated,and excepting two eyes,there was no more eyes to shed tears for him.He came unknown and went unknown,but the man, who had the life spark from Guru Nanak in him, uttered a few words,and the effect was that the day Guru Nanak left our kingdom,the number of people who sent to see him off up to the border was more than a thousand.

One life of the beloved man became the cause of thousands of people being blessed.

Here sat that loving soul and in lieu of his every drop of beloved a disciple was created.

O traveler,are you a disciple? See,what is discipleship.

Listen to the loving message of Guru Nanak which he gave ,and which put people from losing path to the gaining path.

Imbibe his message in your heart, and then make others understand his message.See how much strength there is in one disciple with a life spark from Guru Nanak.See, how one disciple became one and quarter million.

After telling all this,the fairy like lady became quite.

She looked towards the heavens and then towards me and said 

Do not forget the Lord from your heart.

Remember Him day-in and day-out.

I am blind,the Lord’s name are my eyes.I have the strength of Lord within me.She said these lines with utmost love,and showered her immense blessings on me.Then she went up and up to the heavens, shining like a ray and vanished.

In my sleep I felt a pang in her going away.In that pang,I woke up.

I was there and the hermitage was there . It was lonely and peaceful but a fragrance could be felt, which was simmering in my body cells.

O, Guru Nanak,O, redeemer of sinners.How you blessed everybody,and how you have given a glimpse of the Lord to me,who was living in the forgetfulness of the Lord,and I understand true life.

The words of the beloved to the king’s daughter are repeated once again:

Guru Nanak will come and meet you if you do one thing day and night:





Let us recite :


Starting with at least five minutes a day .

P.s.: The link in the beginning is a music track from the movie Nanak Shah Fakir, I hope it transcend you to the time when Baby Nanak was born. And Thanks to everyone for giving their support and love and helping me to write this beautiful series ending by this 20th post. And sorry for publishing this last post very late.