My first post on os.me on the occasion of Maha Shiv Ratri and probably one of the shortest posts you will come across on os.me. (Believe me, it would have been even shorter if it wasn’t for the minimum 150 words limit here for publishing a post)

There is plenty written out there on the “conversation with yourself”, and it’s an ongoing conversation, which for me now is aided by information and nuggets of wisdom shared by Swami ji. Most of you would know why I say information, not knowledge 🙂

Here is one such conversation/question that often I ask myself and this time somehow the reply was quite different and I think it’s worth sharing. Well here it is: 

The question was: What is the best thing I can do today?

Reply came: Give a lifeline to someone’s faded dreams or dying wishes!

Thank you for reading. Jai Sri Hari.

All glories to Swami ji.

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