Better or best which one do you choose…if you choose best you settle..if you choose better you never settle..
Are you here to be happy or to race for something which you are not sure of..
We all know that the race has to end somewhere..for a new race to begin..
So is anything and everything…

The language of love has been something that is in common for all beings..and most misunderstood word..there too we search for how do you know that he or she is better and when would you know that this is best to settle….
There has been many tales on love..
One of the them,short and sweet is here

He saw her liked her..spoke to her got to know her ,loved her..she too wasn’t far away..they loved each other for years without even a single fight ever.. years passed..after seven years she left him saying”you didn’t give me time”..she quite quickly was in a new relationship and later married…he was still alone after years yet happier…__end__

Coz he never had his eyes wandering for better…but she was looking for the better..

The satisfaction is that word in our life that limits us on the right path at the right time and in the right sense..

The ‘better’ never has an end and the ‘best’ can only be recognised at the end..and satisfaction takes you to the peak from where you can see the best..

A smile comes from the satisfaction at heart..a victory comes from satisfaction of effort..

The best is the one who is satisfied and satisfaction is nothing to decide..again its something to be felt..

If there is better ,the best doesn’t exist at all…and if there is best the better doesn’t exist after all.

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