Unless you’ve distinctly and spontaneously felt God-like emotion for a human being, do not take him or her as your personal God or Goddess.

When you read about experiences of other people, as they claim a person to be God, it’s easy to get attracted. But such an attraction is the product of insecure mind, which fears missing out.

As you borrow your God based on someone’s experience, you also end up borrowing expectations from the person for yourself. Most of your expectations/desires are anyway not going to be fulfilled by any God because most of them are impractical, but this borrowed, superficial relationship is so fragile that it doesn’t need a thunder – a mere sound of a clap, and it’ll collapse as a house of cards.

A belief founded based on seeds of hearsay, watered with intellectual gymnastics and fertilized by repetition like a parrot, is that feeble plant which survives as long as some animal of doubt doesn’t eat it alive, or a tiny wind of an unfulfilled expectation doesn’t uproot it from the ground, or a scooter of worldly desires doesn’t crush it under its insignificant weight (relatively speaking).

The real relationship with one’s Ishtha (God) is formed based on inner experience, which comes from the deepest portion of your unconscious (or superconscious) mind. By the time it surfaces on your conscious mind, a mountain of belief and strong feelings has already been formed, which even the mighty tsunami of opposing opinions of others and adverse incidents cannot shake – let alone moving it from its position.

The way to your truth starts from inside. From Vaikhari sounds [1], you can take inspiration and motivation, but its impact goes only so much deep.

But, when the Para sound [1] of your soul is heard, there’s no confusion; no deliberation. It’s instant and to the point, with long-lasting, deepest impact on your consciousness.

So, stop not seeking, until you discover your own truth, rising from within.

Sriman Narayan

1. As covered in The Ancient Science Of Mantras, there are four types of sounds: Vaikhari (physical consciousness such as speech), Madhyama, Pashyanti and Para (transcendental consciousness).

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