My Dear Readers,

Each morning brings a new challenge! A beautiful person just notified me that scammers are misusing my name to collect money and trash-talk Swami.

Those scammers have utilized lines from my posts, including some deleted ones. They have modified and added negative things about Swami. Further, they are seeking donations in my name.

I, Sri Devi Om, am not collecting money for any personal cause! If I need money, I work hard to earn it and donate it. My beloved Om Swami does the same too. 


Let me assure you of three things:

  1. I will never ask you for money for my purposes. The divine has blessed me with enough.
  2. I will never trash-talk about my beloved Swami, ever. For the divine person he is, he doesn’t deserve such things!
  3. I don’t remotely plan to do any fundraisers. In the rare event that I do, I will post details on Medium or


At this point, the only forums I actively post content on are Medium,, and YouTube. Of these, I routinely interact on Medium and occasionally on

If you notice anyone seeking money or trash-talking Swami in my name, please check with me before reacting.



Pictures of the scam posts/messages, as sent by my well-wisher:

Beware of scammers! 2

Beware of scammers! 3

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