Since last week, every day in the morning after drawing the curtains away the trees outside were embracing my eyes which get brightened  up with lush green shining leaves but some of the leaves were still dark(green)and some light,actually it was an adorable and refreshing combination.As if now my eyes lit up with velvet dust free leaves.Innocently I was sharing this thing with my better half and he came up with a Universal Fact 🤩🤩 that old leaves 🍁 summoned up by Mother Earth so new leaves have taken up their place.Didn’t I know  that?🤗🤗 Everyday I am enjoying the scenery up to fullest. I am thankful to the Divine Nature and Mother Earth for such beautiful gifts to the mankind which blessed us with a perfect set on morning so I want to express my gratitude for Mother Earth:
Divine nature in the name you,
Purpose of my life I want to brew
Being a witness of new life in you
My ship is sailing with crew.🚢🚢