Being born in a doctors’ family, the expectations from the child were very high, not only was her grandparents, but also her parents.She was on the ninth round of this planet and was a very promising child .Anyra was not only good at studies, but was also into lawn tennis and Kathak Dance form.She was blessed with razor sharp intelligence and photogenic memory.One  day I noticed that she felt very restless as if she wanted to cry but  not able to cry reason being that half mark deducted in her hindi exam. Later found out that she was making all kinds of complaints in the house that she did not know why her half mark  was cut.Why should Anyra realise this ?Because she was the granddaughter of a very big doctor in the city. So if her half-number is  deducted, then it will be a matter of great disgrace that his parents will make it on the grandparents’ honor, no matter what she is feeling!!but at least he should not be respected. Well, let us understand the story in a different way: News flash on inshorts(a news application)  that in city X a child of class Y committed suicide when he did not get good marks in the exam.But this is just a news, it will remain in our mind for a few moments and then it will disappear, such stories are everyday affair.Happy luck is the child who is not facing so much pressure because it is just a sample of the pressure of the parents, gradually it keeps growing and when the age comes to present itself as an example, by then these children become very hesitant. Rest is the history!!