Being a good and loving Bhabee ,my husband’s cousin Mannu stayed with us for 5 years doing his preparation and then working as an intern in a software company. He was never problem of demanding relative but rather a very cute and helpful little brother! Playing with my kids ,helping me serve food to inlaws and keeping me fresh and chirpy with his office stories. The only fusssy part was his eating preferences , he dint eat fruits, salads ,garlic and traditional healthy foods ,so I lovingly used to make vegies and chapatis for him at evening ,though he ate his lunch at office. Since we were a nuclear family and I took kids for swimming, skating,abacus or drawing classes at evening ,my brother in law had a separate set of door keys to comfortably come at his convenience. He was sweet enough not to trouble me and took the cooked vegetable from karahee snd chapatis ftom the caserol himself by the time we came back home. I too tried my best to make his prefrence food. One day I was in hurry since we had to go far for my daughter s skating competition ,so I made tomatoe onions gravy and put whole tindaas which I had cooked as a for my Devta in eating husband in morning, and seasoned it with coriander! When my brother in law Mannu came back home, he was delighted to see whole tindaas in gravy and in hunger and greed took 6 of them to enjoy with his 3 rotees ,! When I came back home he was sitting glum…I asked him what happened and the decent boy kept mum but gloomy! I called his mom to check if all was fine….
“” Thanks you Meera! You did what I couldn’t do in 24 years,: ” Iwas surprised on what Mausi …Mannu s mom wanted to convey , Mannu my brother in law had eaten 6 whole tindaas thinking them to be DUM ALOO!

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