In the wake of this new year, I am sharing a powerful practice you can undertake for having the divine on your side. 

“Saubhāgya” literally means Good luck & I have a believe that only the divine is capable of showering you with the opportunity to have the odds on your side. “Bhagavati” means the one who has luck on her side, it’s the devi of fortune in shorts. 

Before you commit to the practice, here’s one thing : you still have to work hard. No chanting could made you pass that exam for which you didn’t study or get you the job u want, before every achievement you must prepare first, saying that there is a case that you studied 3/5 chapters for an exam & all the questions come from those 3 chapters only, now that’s what ” Luck ” Is. 

The stotram : 


oṃ śrī bhagavatyai namaḥ

ati devi namo varade jaya pāpavināśini bahuphalade .
jaya śuṃbha-niśuṃbha kapāladhare praṇamāmi tu devi narārtihare .. 1..
jaya candradivākara-netradhare jaya pāvakabhūṣitavaktravare .
jaya bhairavadehanilīnapare jaya andhakadaityaviśoṣakare .. 2..
jaya mahiṣavimardiniśūlakare jaya lokasamastakapāpahare .
jaya devi pitāmahaviṣṇunute jaya bhāskaraśakraśirā’vanate .. 3..
jaya ṣaṇmukha-sāyudha-īśanute jaya sāgaragāmini śaṃbhunute .
jaya duḥkha-daridra-vināśakare jaya putrakala travivṛddhikare .. 4..
jaya devi samastaśarīradhare jaya nākavidarśini duḥkhahare .
jaya vyādhivināśini mokṣakare jaya vāṃchitadāyini siddhikare .. 5..
.. iti vyāsakṛtaṃ bhagavatīsaubhāgyastotraṃ sampūrṇaṃ ..


Some things to keep in mind. 

  • Try to chant the stotram for 40 days. 
  • Maintain cleanliness while performing the practice. 
  • Try sitting in a yogic posture while doing it for better attention. 

No dietary regulations required although having a veg diet for the period will help. 

Hope the devi showers you will all the luck & removes all obstacles from your path. 

At last, Good luck!