Those of you who have raised kids or have them selves been naughty kids must be remembering the ages two and 3 years known as terrible twos too, when the child is too inquisitive too take out each kitchen bowl and spoon to poduce a xylophone music or to again and again switch on courtyards or back yards taps to make their sleeves and socks ever wet even in winter or if u r really lucky with a docile child then misusing all make up of mommys in dressing table or dads socks and hankercheifs as display items of meauseum scattered all around house! My kids and specially most bright and energetic elder one were no less! With no baby sitter or full time maid aswell inlaws and parents in different cities and and ever working dad aswell our house being in Delhi so a hub and transit camp for all distant railway station or airport visitors ,it was a mammoth task to supervise each movement of my toofan mail daughter! On one such occasion when my inlaws had come for winter vacation, i was preparing tea and poha fo my sister in law and her family who had come to visit us ,suddenly i heard scream of my daughter from near our bedroom and she was repeating seeing in mirror ” Bhagwaan ji galti ho gaee abb nahi karoongi ” I rushed shocked to see My father in law s razor in her hand near her lips! I left all things made my 3 year old sit in my car baby seat and rushed in sooper speed towards our family doctor to get her stitches for bleeding lips! What were u doing i asked Ekta kapoors ( he daadi is very fond of serials and she used to watch them with her and repeat dialogues) inspired daughter! I was shaving like babajee( grand father) she said innocently! Have your kids done some thing like this too ?or did u in your childhood do something scary for your parents heart to skip a beat?

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