O Bhagwan pure and spotless
bear my burden please
my father couldn’t bear his
mother too collapsed under its weight
it’s my turn
will You not shoulder it for me.
Your chiseled feet
I’ve meditated upon
not always with concentration
but how I’ve tried to catch hold
that one day you might rescue me.
The charms of the world
only fan my greed
oh what disgust arises within
the thought of your abode
alone makes the light shine in me.
You’ve heard this prayer
a countless times
I wonder if should change my plea
If I do
then what do I say
my heart still longs to be free.
O sweet Lord
forgive me
I’ve always been so poor
to give you I’ve nothing but grief
no one must bear this burden
not earth
not its fellow beings
You alone have the power to grant
the boon I seek.
I hope one day
a poem will change everything
You’ll see my heart as clear as daylight
a scared child
simply wanting to be
by her Mother’s side.
my existence so little
a blade of grass
hopeful of finding your holy feet
the pristine silence
in a lap so restful
a world so devoid of pain
I’d have gained everything
O my powerful Narayana
will your will to mine…please
bless this aggrieved body and mind.

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