Being born in a family where our forefathers were pandits and way away from consuming animal products other than milk and its products, Eggs eating was a big No no! My mother raised in east Africa though knew protein content and health benefits of Eggs and the real joke of eating an omlett but without onion was true for my hotelier dad who studied in a Jain school and had aversion for onion and garlic for their pungent smell! Since as a child most of my time was spent with my Dadajee, a naturopath who used to get up at 4am ,do yoga ,massage his body with amla oil and have dryfruiit and fruits based diet only..eating egg was a sin! But we r greedy people and justify eating egg pastry, egg cakes and some buiscuit and confectionarry which has eggs,so i followed both mom and grand father! Like most kids I too was not too fond of vegies but only liked rajma,chhole, tomatoe sabji and kari as staple diet ,fearing my protein deficiency my mom convinced me to eat eggs! I was 11 in class 5 and bold enough to run myself to local shop to buy daily grocery as bread butter or biscuits! I dint agree to mom on egg consumption saying i can’t kill and consume a living being who is not even born , btw today only i got to know that a hen lays 270 eggs an year even without mating with a rooster! So mum convinced me ,the eggs which we eat are white and produced in factory by machines , the real chick eggs are brown and called desi andaa! This convinced me and i went to Bunny morning store near our house asking him to give me 6 eggs! There were many customers buying other things at the provision store ,so when the Shopkeeper asked me which egg i want ,i loudly said Macheeeni ande ddo! His jaw opened and he asked me to repeat! I again innocently said Machine ke ande dedo,all customer and shopkeeper cracked laughing hard and i ran in tears home to fight with my parents to befool me! Have your parents ever mislead you about something which lead you to an embarrassing situation in public?

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