I have been listening to all the beautiful  voices on this platform.

Some sounds like thorough professional singers and orators and some people simply penetrate through the soul with their bhaav in the songs. (Anitosh ji knows it well. His voice had some deep impact on me. I wish to develop such devotion)

And someone in a recent post correctly mentioned that Bhakti and music compliment each other.

My personal experience is also similar. Whenever i feel bhaav for my Prabhu, i sing and i feel better and peaceful

(Though i am not guarantying that Prabhu would be pleased to hear my shouts which i politely call singing : ) But he is kind to tolerate me.)

Most of the musical genres in India are in some way related to ritual, religion, and devotion. Bhajan, kirtan, hymns, and sung verses exist in each part of the country.  There are specific regional traditions, like the Bauls of Bengal, or Sopanam Sangeetam of Kerala, then there are the saint poets such as Tulsidas, Surdas, Kabir and Meera. The Vaishnav traditions, the Bhakti, and the Sufi traditions are also known for music as a means of devotional practice.

Though i am personally inspired by Meera Bai and her devotion to Lord Krishna is something i would like to have at least in one lifetime of mine.

As os.me is such a non judgemental platform with kind, compassionate and understanding people, i am daring to put two songs (in my voice, please bear with me) which whenever i hear or sing gives me immense pleasure and i feel close to my lord, my prabhu, my swami.


Thanks for listening it.

(mentioned it in case you skipped the audio part lol :))

Image by Nikhil Mishra from Pixabay