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SV advises,

If you want to be angry, be angry with Him. Chide your Beloved, chide your Friend. Whom else can you safely chide? Mortal man will not patiently put up with your anger; there will be a reaction.

…Say unto the Beloved, “Why do you not come to me; why do You leave me thus alone?” Where is there any enjoyment but in Him? 

He says, 

“When this highest ideal of love is reached, philosophy is thrown away, who will then care for it? Freedom, Salvation, Nirvana-all are thrown away; who cares to become free while in the enjoyment of divine Love?”

And to conclude this series, a profound statement by Swami Vivekananda will deliver the essence of what he wanted to say on Bhakti :-

… I know one whom the world called mad, and this was his answer: “My friends, the whole world is a lunatic asylum. Some are mad after worldly love, some after name, some after fame, some after money, some after salvation and going to heaven. In this big lunatic asylum I’m also mad, I am mad after God. You are mad; so am I. I think my madness is after all the best.

Speaking for myself, I for once was madly obsessed with getting fame. I used to think that nothing else matters other than that the world knows me, recognizes me. I do not know how I developed this idea, but it was slowly killing me. It made me anxious and gave me chronic and very acute mental troubles for many many years.

But it must have been a gradual process that I slowly started shedding away my desire for fame.  I will keep abiding my duties which this life of mine demands but, I now wish to be a madman who is mad only after God.