Its a human tendency to get disappointed at times.We do feel distressed and exhausted sometimes.

People have adapted different ways to cope up with the distressing situations and times.

I want to share my way of energizing.I also feel dejected sometimes.And my stress buster is music and Bhangra – dance style of Punjabis.

A soulful and soothing music works as honey for the soul and recharges you instantly.And I love hearing Punjabi songs on which I can perform Bhangra.My family reading the post can try this out.

I am  a student and I don’t live in Punjab.But I have seen people hearing Punjabi Bhangra songs.When I see them hearing these songs,I always question them whether they are able to understand Punjabi.Their answer is no always or they say they partially understand it.Then I ask them,If u don’t understand Punjabi why are you hearing.They answer that Punjabi songs boost them.

I was attending my posting in medical college.One of my professors who was from Army background and was from Maharashtra was sharing his life stories.He shared that when they used to party,everyone used to dance so much on old Bhangra songs.Despite of not understanding the language,they used to enjoy a lot.

Nowadays, Bollywood people have also started including Punjabi songs in movies and it’s working wonders for them.

Me and my cousin Mahek,who is also so fond of Bhangra starts performing it whenever we hears Punjabi song😊. Yesterday at my home,Tv was on .My grandmother and grandfather were watching Tv and they were watching old songs,Gur Nalo Ishq Mitha,Jugni,Tunak Tunak Tun.I started dancing(Bhangra),my Grandfather and Grandmother also joined me.It was such a wonderful time😊.

So my dear family,do share your ways of rejuvenating yourself😊

Thank u for reading 😊


Yours Ripandeep ❤️