*“I simply believe that a book has its own journey to make and should not be condemned to being stuck on a shelf. Lets leave our books free to travel them, to be touched by other hands and enjoyed by others eyes”*

By now reader must have realized my irrational obsession with books. My collection was vast. Point came when my room has become too small as piles ofbooks grew. Moreover as I grew , I gave away several books to libraries, friends etc. i restricted my collection to 3000 (& still pruning further). Any new book I buy, I give away some books. I keep only those books that have sentimental value.

Bibliophile banter 3/3 1

I always dreamed that one day will come, I will re-read all my books. Some rainy day, in cozy corner, while having hot chai with pakoras. Well, so many rainy seasons have passed yet I never re-read any of those books. All still resting, neatly preserved, waiting to be awakened.

Million times in life I felt like giving up my addiction of reading. But everytime I wanted to drop, some long awaited book falls in my hands and addiction continues. Cosmic Conspiracy to have me hooked to books I guess. Strangely something changed within me when I went into coma (as mentioned in North EastExotica posts). When I woke up from coma, there was 180° personality change. I couldn’t bring myself to read anything fictional. Entire being rebelled at reading anything unreal & fiction. Subsequently I struck only to non-fiction.


However As I evolved, my tastes for book genres changed. Books genre I read the maximum as youth also inspired me pick same trade for living. The stories I read max is stories I told myself again & again till I became character in story which is still continuing in reality. Same stories have now become my bread & butter. No longer I read every best seller. Mostly I stick to only couple of genre. I read wide and deep only within these genres which are in alignment with my current work & future dreams.

Evolution of books:

Iam amazed now, how fat books can fit in small devices. Internet , and other gizmos like Ipad or Kindle have definitely changed the way we see the world .They have changed how we read .No longer I need to carry heavy books . All I need to carry is Ipad or E-Kindle which will have 100s of books.No longer I can feel the touch of paper or smell it.Now its all electronic digitized bits and bytes.No longer I have to go to local flea market to buy some old books and which require my negotiating skills. Its simple down load button and lo, we have tons of books with little or no cost. No longer I have to fear of termites n bookworms damaging my comics. Now its all viruses and computer bugs.

Bibliophile banter 3/3 2

I guess this is what the world should always be ready to brace; ”The Change” only constant in the world of fluid change is change itself.We comfortably evolved from days of big black telephone (hard or land line as its called now) to 4G cell phones..from fat wallets to ATMs .Same with books.From hardbound books to e-books to Audibles.Though i embraced all changes, I still prefer to hold the book and flip the pages as it gives me personal touch .

Finally My favorites:

I love books dealing with insurgency, terrorism, intelligence agencies , military history,cold war, world war two, deception n psychological operations..

IAM aroused by Spirituality based books on yoga, tantra, realised souls, enlightened gurus, Vatican historical secret societies like Opus dei, knight Templar, etc.. secret societies that run the world covertly be it Free Masons or CFR or illuminati etc

IAM obsessed with anything esoteric and conspiracy theories and urban legends. I don’t care if it’s just fake story doing rounds or myth inspired from reality or vice versa. I just love the mystery part of th story that makes it exciting and thrilling

IAM eternally awed at immensity of Nature, magnitude of Creation, endless Universe, sights of galaxy…all that makes my own existence monstrous micro speck in comparison to limitless creation

Next post on some favorite spiritual books I came across which iam sure most of them read . Thanks for reading ..till we meet again, Sayonara..!!