At the beginning of every week , In post office every one comes and deposits their money in different accounts. But as the DARPAN Device is not yet updated for me, so i can not put those NUMBERS* in the banking software.

At the last day of the week , whatever amount I have collected from them , I will go to the suboffices and deposit there.
For the whole I had to guard this money with myself. This gives me headache and worry. What if someone snatches this amount from me. What if I lost this amount.

Though this money is NOT MINE but still as I am involved in it . It gives me headache. But in Saturday, after depositing all the money I become light and fearless. Then only in Sunday some creative thoughts would creep and I would be in true sense be happy.

Like ,
In life we will be involved in many material transaction. We will have to guard those material properties. But at the end of this life ( any time can occur) either those material things would be snatched or if you know previously these are not mine you will just deposit it to the supreme authority and become light and fearless.

As on 17/02/23 I am relieved from the duty of Branch Postmaster, as a new person has been recruited. Now I will just deliver the articles to home.
Thank you for every experience , I just want to remember you in everything.
Tommorow is Mahashivratri. May you serve Bhole baba Ashutosh bhagwan.
Jai sri krishna
Jai Guru deva
Namo parvati pate har har mahadev
(*If a bank fails to do any of that then you are eligible to get max 5 lakhs rupees, even if your total deposit was say 20 lakhs)