The most expected day in everyone’s life is the Birthday of us and the fellow people. It’s a magical day in human life. Starting from Spending Midnight (after 12 am) on calls with best friends, endless greetings over social media, parents hug and kiss, awaiting new dresses to be worn, gearing up for temple prayers, going to restaurants with family members, sweat gifts from fellow folks,etc…the day looks as though we have achieved a great thing. We get a joyful feeling that we are appreciated and loved by all the people whom we are in touch with. But why these celebrations and appreciations take place specifically on the birthday? Why choose to celebrate the day that you were born? Of course, it may be due to oodles of joy from the people who anticipated your arrival and the people who simply love seeing new life passing from the womb into the world, acknowledging the product of the pain the mothers have gone through, the family stress about whether or not the child and the mother will make it,etc.,.and so on.

We know that each soul that comes to this earthly plane is longing for the gift of having a spiritual growth in a human body and the birthday is the day when the whole Universe was rejoicing, and all the forces of nature and the people around you were helping you to come and celebrate your life. From the spiritual point of view, the main question to ask ourselves is what contributions we are making to the world to make it a better place, do we truly make enough of a difference in this world because of your presence and your birth from pain and sacrifice? And the vital part is we truly happy about ourselves and if so, are we putting the same effort in bringing that happiness to others. We are always been told that human birth is the high significance and we are gifted one lifetime. Are we making diligent efforts to make it a success and guiding path for others?

“When you were born, you cried, and the world rejoiced. Live your life in such a manner that when you die, the world cries and you rejoice.” Tibetan proverb

Starting with the age-old adage, it is highly important for us to look at your birthday as a spiritual awakening to know ‘thyself’ better and serve others with the abilities, talents, skills, and qualities that you have. It is an opportunity to tell yourself that today is indeed a special day. A day where you stand from your highest and absolute best, and declare that the time has come to take full responsibility for your life, to accept every challenge, setback, and hurdle as a means to fuel your growth, get out of your comfort zone, face your fears, with a fearless, loving and compassionate heart and ask yourself, “How can I better serve the planet for the remaining years of my life? What positive contributions can I make? “It is always a more powerful and encouraging way of living your life rather than telling yourself that now you became one year older, and feel miserable.

Today is my birthday and I am seeking the blessings of Swamiji to be a good human being and give my best in this gifted lifetime.