First of all, thanks to my dear loving Father, Om Swami Ji for taking care of my sister and me. Thank you for giving us a beautiful life.

You are my Father,

You are my Guru,

You are my Lord,

You are my every relation,

I only belong to you, Swami Ji.

As we all know, a few days ago, the Chief Minister of Himachal Pradesh, Mr. Jai Ram Thakur visited our Sri Badrika Ashram (our Home) for inaugurating the meditation hall. When the minister arrived, our ashram presented all the multitude of welfare activities done for society. They include scholarships for students, funding girls’ education, women employment and self-sustainable activities through stitching, pension schemes and so on.

Listening to this, I was filled with nostalgia and I had tears in my eyes. I remembered the time when my school was responsible for sponsoring my education. Whenever any guest came to our school or during any big function, my school would tell our story about how our sponsorship came about. They would go on to say that the school was providing our education and our grandmother was taking care of us since we lost our parents. Though I am deeply grateful for the education and their kindness, it was painful to hear that again and again. We used to feel bad to relive those moments.

But, here under the umbrella of my Father, my Om Swami ji, I never relived the pain at all. Although Swami Ji is taking care of everything, He never says anything.  He showers his  Grace upon us silently and divinely. For instance, a few years ago (in the temple), Swamiji thanked all those who played an important roles in my life.

But, Swami Ji, the actual doer is You alone. Though Swami Ji never acknowledges that, He alone does everything. I have no clue how to show Him my gratitude. I love Him so much.

A very Happy Birthday to my dear and most compassionate Father, Om Swami Ji, in advance. 

Thank you so much swami ji for each and everything.

I bow down at Your Lotus Feet.

Keep Smiling

Thank you

Riya Om

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