“Di, Black Lotus App for guided meditation is wonderful. I did meditation and chanting on Black Lotus and it was so reliving. Yesterday, I was having migraine because of excessive workload at office or because of extreme weather or both. Instead of taking medicines, I did guided breathing meditation on Black Lotus. And you won’t believe di, my pain just vanished without any medicine or massage. It felt so good.” My cousin told me. “I was introduced to this app by you. This App has changed my life. I thank you, di from the bottom of my heart.”

“The guided meditations are in Om Swamiji’s voice, a mystic from the Himalayas. Many people including me find it very easy to meditate on Om Swamiji’s magical voice.” I explained her.

“Whenever I went in my mother’s room, I always found her busy in chanting mantras or hearing discourses by Om Swamiji on the Black Lotus App as at this age she couldn’t read much and moreover she was confined to her room because of her health related issues.”

“You can also even ask a question to Om Swamiji and can read the answers of the questions asked by others in Swaminar option.”

“Thats great!”

“It is like a video game where there are different levels and you have to cross them to WIN. The Black Lotus has 10 levels and each level has ten sublevels. Select the option home, then the Path, then Achievements and you can check your progress in meditation, chanting, kindness, mindfulness, honesty, sincerity, self-discipline, reading books, world peace meditation sessions and some task related to Black Lotus App.”

“Oh! That sounds amazing di! At which level you are?”

“I have earned the badge ‘Explorer’ which means I have crossed two levels. Further my five sub levels have been crossed.”

“Now, you are close to win the next badge.”

“The next badge is Seeker and I am working hard to win it.”

“Oh! I am quite sure di, you will win all the ten levels.”

“One more interesting feature Black Lotus App have that you can do RAK, Random Act of Kindness like planting a sapling, leaving a surprise tip, feeding birds, caring a stray animal, helping a family member, forgiving someone, making someone smile, helping a colleague, carpooling, donating items, educating a child etc. You can also share your story about an incident where you have done a RAK or a RAK done to you. And you can read the inspiring and motivating stories shared by others.”

“So, it is radiating positivity!” 

P.S. – I wrote this post back in June, 2019 for an old version of Black Lotus App.

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