I am really excited to see where Black Lotus app has reached since its inception, especially the steep growth in the last 12 months. Let’s look at the numbers to understand its trajectory-

250,000 Impact Stories

1 million lives touched

30 Million + Mindfulness minutes clocked

Play Store rating of 4.7+

And the list of achievements just go on and on. Recently Black lotus got featured as one of the Top 5 best meditation apps in the world. The RARE framework proprietary to Black Lotus is doing wonders and has set the product on a path of exponential growth. 

But why am ‘I’ so exited about it? Read on.

1) Personal Experience

To be honest, I am using this app since Day 1 when it released. When om Swamiji, the energy behind the app, had announced the release of the app in June 2017, I just couldn’t wait for its release. I was already sold on the idea of the pin prick effect and the app at that point of time would be the platform to get the effect into action. 

Over the last 4 years I have been part of its journey as a user, as an evangelist, as a tester for the app, as an author and sometimes even with a few product development tips. When Black Lotus 3.0 was released in November 2018, Swamiji had introduced ‘The Path’ as part of the Black Lotus app. It was perhaps the biggest turning point in the lives of many spiritual aspirants associated with Swamiji. In the release blog  (titled The Purpose of Your Life), Swamiji summed up the Purpose of life in simple words

The purpose is simple: Live, love, laugh, give. The medium is Black Lotus

While it has helped many of us to find their purpose in lives, for me Black Lotus itself has become the purpose. 

Believe it or not, Black lotus app is a very powerful tool. I have put it to use beyond myself and the results that I have witnessed are extraordinary.

2) Community experience 

You can read through millions of stories about kindness on the Black lotus app to gauge its influence on the community. Let me talk you through how Black Lotus has influenced people in my circle. While there are many people about whom I  can talk about, I chose the below 4 from my circle.

  1. A Student : The biggest challenge that I have observed in students that I have come across is concentration and consistency. While the teachers and mentors of the students offer tips to overcome the above two hurdles, there are rarely any platforms that put the solution in a manner that can be easily assimilated. Surprisingly the Black Lotus app which appears to be primarily built for seekers on spiritual path, it is a very good tool for students as well. The two packs that I recommended to this student is ‘Build Focus’ and the recently launched ‘Live Like a Champion.’ I am really surprised to see how the pack has helped him to structure his daily life and also be motivated to take up challenges that he might have not otherwise. I will soon be writing about the summary of the 40 day ‘Live Like a Champion’ pack.
  2. A Working Mother : The challenge of handling household chores along with a highly demanding passenger facing a railway job is no joke, and this lady has been doing this for a decade. Add to the top of this. undisciplined kids and an abusive husband. This is a recipe for mental health disaster. The recommendation that I could give was the ‘Be Calm’ and ‘Be Stress Free’ pack. She is a beginner to meditation but I am confident that the Black Lotus App will help her sail through this mental health disaster.
  3. A Wife : The biggest setback for any married lady is infidelity from her husband. While it is the husband who needs to grow up, the wife loses confidence in herself and the demon of self doubt raises its hood. I have introduced this lady to the ‘Build Self Esteem’ pack on the Black Lotus app. I am hopeful of results that will help her to love herself (again).
  4. A prodigy: What is the age of the youngest Black Lotus user you know? Let me put my card on the table. This Prodigy is 7.5 years old and he is not a happy-go-lucky user. He is already into his third month of using Black Lotus. A consistent and disciplined user of Black Lotus, he is set for success without doubt. Since he is a chess fanatic (he practices chess 4 hours a day at this age) he is in love with Vidit Gujrathi’s Live Like A Champion Pack. 

Looking at the breadth of problems Black Lotus can solve, I am sometimes made to feel if Black Lotus is actually Panacea!

More stories to follow

Signing off!