It was a pleasant evening in the summer of 2016. What made it more memorable was Swamiji’s discourse. He was offering a discourse to a group of devotees and it was flowing like a steady, calm river. While speaking, he gently picked up a flower lying on his seat and held it in his hands throughout.

After the discourse, when he walked out, five or six of the devotees (if I correctly remember) rushed towards his seat to grab that flower. One among them was successful while rest picked up other flowers around his seat. I am very confident about each of those flowers being carefully preserved till date and in the future either being kept at some sacred place like a prayer room or in wallets or handed over to children and loved ones as a special mark of blessing from Swamiji.

I can’t stop admiring the journey of each of the living cells of that one flower in Swamiji’s hands, who would have attained salvation by his divine touch. This was the journey of the flower so far which was probably nurtured and nourished in some garden or nursery by a caring gardener. If I thought I should have also had that particular flower with me, Swamiji has gracefully fulfilled that desire by mercifully offering a flower to each of his devotees around the globe.

The flower that has blossomed out of his truth, discovered through intense penance and carefully nourished and nurtured by a team of gardeners under his supervision is none other than the ever divine and graceful ‘Black Lotus’. This flower (if I may call it so) has multiple petals, each offering a purpose for holders to discover their truth and spread much-required kindness in the world.

As Swamiji explains, ‘Black’ is the only color that absorbs everything and ‘Lotus’ is the flower which grows in muddy water but stays above it elegantly. The Black Lotus app helps me stay focused on being an instrument of spreading kindness rather than getting affected by how the world treats me. This offers me a purpose of being a part of this grand creation. Each of the petals offer a distinct aspect to meditate on or a different mantra to chant helping progress on the path to self-discovery.

The different acts of kindness offer an opportunity to be an instrument to spread goodness and make a difference. I need to carry a petal or petals or entire lotus to my ability and spread its fragrance. The ability to accept and carry comes from his divine grace but to act on carrying it entirely depends on my willingness and determination.

The question I ask myself is, “Am I going to be a person who would read and enjoy all the blogs and books Swamiji has written so far or am I going to be the one who would carry one petal and walk the path shown by my master?”. One of the ever divine and beautiful flowers is up for grab. I ask myself, “If I am prepared to accept it, hold it, and carry it? Or am I just going to keep admiring it?”.

If I think the physical flower from that garden rightly found its place, am I going to carry this lotus grown by Swamiji himself on my journey?

As Swamiji has said, “Just having a Guru is not enough until one starts walking the path he guides on”. The question I hence ask myself is, “If I don’t make an effort to carry a petal, do I even deserve to be under the umbrella that he is unconditionally and mercifully holding on me?”.

These are my views of looking at the ever divine Black Lotus Movement. Other devotees could rightly have another view.
All the glories to Swamiji!
Jai Shri Hari!!