मत्कर्मकृन्मत्परमो मद्भक्त: सङ्गवर्जित: |
निर्वैर: सर्वभूतेषु य: स मामेति पाण्डव || 55||

Those who perform all their duties for my sake, who depend upon me and are devoted to me, who are free from attachment, and are without malice toward all beings, such devotees certainly come to me.

-The Bhagavad Gita 11.55

This Verse is from Chapter 11 of Bhagavad Gita- The Viśhwarūp Darśhan Yog. In this chapter, Bhagawan shows His true form to Arjun, the Vishwaroopa.  Bhagawan has given us the easiest way to reach HIM. I have summed up the Gita verse below, point-wise. I can relate intensely to the verse as I feel that my devotion towards SwamiG is getting deeper as the days pass by. Briefly, I would like to state how He is helping me transform as a person:

The Gita Verse point-wise:

1. They perform all their duties for My sake.

Yes, we perform our duties for SwamiG coz we are constantly talking to HIM and feel that He is watching over us.

2.  They depend upon Me. 

We depend on HIM for our spiritual growth, which is only possible when our physical, emotional and mental bodies are in sync.

3. They are devoted to Me. 

Absolutely, there is not even an iota of doubt on this.

4. They are free of attachment. 

 Free of attachment doesn’t mean leaving everything. It means living in the family system yet not getting attached to anything.

5. They are without malice toward all beings.

Yes, the random act of kindness slowly teaches us this. We have realized that doing a kind act daily is very important, and we are pretty mindful in helping others.

How Black Lotus app is helping me in fulfilling this verse:

This profound verse from the Bhagavad Gita is achievable if we are true to our Path. Black Lotus app is helping me achieve this subtly yet strongly.

It’s been more than a year since I started using the app.  And trust me, my monkey mind has become very calm. The old app had its own advantages, but this updated version is absolutely mind-blowing.

Let me sum up a few of my observations and how it has helped me. I prefer writing point wise.


From the day the updated version has been launched, I have not missed a single day of my meditations.  Reason is simple – goals oriented. Somehow the goals are keeping me on track. In, last 57 days I have finished 5 goals. Since I am a lifetime member, I have access to all the goals till 2220. Probably this will be extended to my next births, meaning I will be under His umbrella till another 200 yrs, and then MOKSHA. hurrah!!! I can’t think of anyone else other than HIM, as my GURU, my Mentor and my Spiritual Master.

Each goal extends for the period of 11, 14 or 21 days. So once we take up a goal, there is an inner voice speaking that we ought to finish what we started. So in order to complete a goal, we never miss a single session.

Another benefit that I am seeing in my nature is that I have started applying these goals in my daily life too. I keep targets for every little thing, which helps me accomplish things in a disciplined manner. This goal system has helped me finish writing my books at a stipulated time. Even my food and sleep timings have improved as I keep a goal of having meals and sleep at fixed timings.


We are human after all; we do have our ups and downs. I am a little oversensitive when it comes to dealing with people. But with help of these meditations I am able to shift my focus to positive things. When I am hurt with something, I try not taking it personally. The words of the other person resonating in my mind have reduced drastically. I am able to shift my focus and never react when someone says hurtful words to me. This is a blessing as my stress has reduced and I am always calm.


Another goal is to have all the badges as my screen shot. I know this is a kind of show off, but in a positive way. I love the beautiful designs of the badges. So I want each of of them for me. I feel a deep connection with these badges too.


I call them shots (not the other kind of shots). Since the acts are spread throughout the day, it’s easy to sit for 7-8 minutes daily as and when we get time. These brief sessions are so strong and profound.


The top most reason to open the app and meditate is to hear Him. I try my level best to start my day by hearing my Guru’s voice, that’s my prayer. This way, I begin my day with a positive note. For every goal, the meditation has been designed in a such a way that by the time half the goal is accomplished we have already achieved that goal to a great extent. For example, I lost an extensive project to my competitor, which made me pretty upset. So I took up  ‘Be Calm’ goal. This goal is designed for 14 days and trust me within 7 days of doing this, the project was out of my mind. The anxiety had vanished. My mind was calm. I knew Devi ma will do what is best for me. Next 7 days was a joyride. I was already calm.


Other than an act of kindness, it has an act of gratitude and simple tricks to make us mindful.  Do you even know how many times do you chew your food?! I know, I chew for close to 20 times. Simple acts to make us mindful are so appropriate.

Random act of kindness is something which has changed me and has helped me to be so generous and loving towards others. For example, before leaving the house, I always try to carry something for the stray cows, dogs or needy. My car will always have biscuits or some clothes to give away to the street dwellers. This is a just a minor example. There are many such instances, like smiling to strangers, always thanking others with words of gratitude, etc.


Reading has become an integral part of my life, ever since SwamiG entered my life. I was not into reading much. But now, I talk less, party less, and enjoy reading more than chitchatting. His books have been the game changers. Reading 3-6 minutes write ups on my Black lotus app as reinforce makes sure that I am reading something meaningful every day, and moreover, since it’s a small read, I try to contemplate and explain it to my son so that  it serves as a revision to me. And my son also benefits from this.


Oh, this is the best part. Evaluation is something I have avoided all my life. I don’t like to reflect on my mistakes to tell you the truth. Unless we don’t evaluate ourselves, we can’t progress. This evaluation has helped me overcome my weaknesses. It is also a reminder to be more mindful and makes us more vigilant.

SwamiG is making us live every moment with so much gratitude, love and kindness for others. This app is true to its name. “Black Lotus” Black is a color, which absorbs everything, and lotus is a flower which grows amid mud. HE is trying very hard to make us into wonderful humans, through blogs, black lotus app, books and acts of kindness. Unless we give back to the society, we can’t evolve.

Atmano mokshartham jagat hitaya cha- Rig Veda… 

Thank you, Black Lotus team, for this wonderful app. For helping us achieve inner happiness, as that’s the abode of My Bhagawan. That’s where I aspire to reach, finally.



*Bhagawad Gita quote from Swami Mukundanada’s website 
*Rig Veda quote from  Swami Sarvapriyananda’s talk