I (Sandip) working as aย  cabin crew for 14 yrs. Once I was head of the flight & the girl who was working with me in business class recently joined this company. We closed the door on time & it started raining heavily,followed by thunderstorm activity which resulted in delay. Passanger seating on 1D (Mr.Rao, senior citizen,well dressed in coat), while boarding 3 people came to escort him with his baggage (VIP). When all other passangers were complaining about delay this Gentleman remained calm & composed. Finally we took off after the delay of 2 Hrs. On ground. Post take off we immediately started service while I was in galley giving out the meal trays to the girl who was working with me,she was serving those trays in cabin. Later I went to Cockpit as a protocol, when I came out I saw Mr.Rao standing in galley & asking something to that girl & she was not answering anything (She forgot to serve Mr.Rao his meal).

Mr.Rao whom I was assuming till then as a thorough Gentleman,lost his patience & started shouting. We realised our mistake & tried to pacify Mr.Rao, offered him whatever possible we could, but he refused to even talk,even that girl started crying by then. Because complaint by such passanger can result in suspension or loss of job also. That was his Anger out of Hunger. So no excuse.

Finally when nothing worked,I came back to galley, closed the curtain, closed my eyes & in Namaskar posture I prayed to the God & I asked for lots of Blessings ( his Happiness, good Health, Peace, Prosperity) for Mr.Rao. Flight landed,ended without any conversation.

After 1 month I was going for some other flight, after crossing the security I could makeout that someone is staring at me. That was Mr.Rao. He said “Hellow Sandip”. I replied in a positive attitude. I again apologized. He was smiling like a Gentleman again.

Then we started walking and talking,he said – ” You know Sandip, that day I reached home & post dinner I opened my Tab to complain about that incident,butย  something was stopping me I really don’t know what. I tried thrice but I just couldn’t do that”.ย  ย This time I Smiled ๐Ÿ˜Š.

Prayer Never Fails.

Thank you Swamiji for all the teachings.

Shat Shat Pranam ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™