I was not having anything to write today, but it was not Writer’s Block in any way. I was just feeling tired, but in order to keep writing I was wondering what will I write,  then only I got an amazing idea. The idea was to write something from my diary on which I used to journal, about 2 years ago. So here is a writing piece from my diary. I copied it as it is except some editing.               

                             April 6, 2019

Sometimes what you feel is very difficult to be caught into words, like what  I am feeling at this very moment.

My limited vocabulary can describe this feeling in only one word- Beautiful. Maybe this beauty is always present, is always in existence but we are too blind to see it, we are too deaf to hear it,we are too unaware to feel it,  but the moment we connect ourselves to nature, our senses and the mind start feeling this beauty present around us. 

Bloom where planted 2 A page from my diary.
Anant meera 1

Today, I didn’t actually connect to nature the way I usually do, that is by sitting and watching out horizons or other outside views but felt it here where I am- at my home.

My masi told me how a money plant can grow even without roots. It was amazing to see how just by putting it into water, it can grow in a lovely way. So we planted a money plant in a glass pot filled with water and placed it on a slab just close to our television.

Bloom where planted 3 Another page from my diary.
Anant meera 2

Everytime I cross through a room, I just gaze at this plant growing incredibly in water. I don’t know why, but I’m just loving it, maybe because I can relate it to the life I’m living in the present and is acting as an inspiration for me. All that I can quote here is:


( Adding now) 

Adversities in no way can stop you to bloom, because 

Ruin is the way to transformation.

 From the movie Eat, Pray, Love.