I know I must say something
before the mood has gone
the sun has set past the mountains
and twilight has lost its charm

Wise crows on bare trees
tiny birds on the fly
beneath a near white sky
is a piece of my heart

A place where I live
in body and spirit
the home of my sweet Lord
the glorious resplendent Blue God

His eyes so blue
as crackling thunder set in a bowl
fluid like water
gently flows down a slope

The gap between His teeth
like white pearls in a string
the smile of a mischief maker
chin of a beautiful child

Love spills from His gaze
lips and cheeks
laughter too sparkling
like a generous dab of rouge

Oh Bhagwan your love so sweet
the fullness of the moon
bless your generous heart
You make the world swoon

O Divine pure and kind
a fluttering butterfly by your feet
I have to say this again
You are the love of my life…and a trillion more

Oh enchanting Blue-blue
You are a thief of repute
You steal hearts of your Bhaktas
from right under their nose

There’s so much love for You
in this tiny rundown heart
I wish You’d come and live in it
for always and forever…