Piano Cover Credit : Kushal Bharatiya

Images in this video has been taken form Youtube, Os.me and Ashram Gallery

Pranam Guruji ūüôā

I asked Shivji for comforts and protection, he gave me family

I asked Shivji for what I thought was love, and he gave me relationships

Then I asked for security, he gave me job

After having all this, I prayed to Shivji, I have enough, now I want to see you… I want nothing else but you, please show me the path and he made me found YOU

My life feels complete now. Wherever I may be physically, in my heart I am always there at your lotus feet in your service. Koti Koti pranaam Guruji

Happy Birthday…and yes Shivratri and Nov 30th are the best days of the year.

Lots of Love and Regards

Now, the original post was up to here only. But not been able to post due to shorter than 150 words so…please bear with me…¬†

I am not that good with words but I will try to express my thoughts with Guruji in my life…all my questions been disappeared. Not that I know everything, but there are no questions and there is peace. As if the soul have found its home. Oh my Shivji you have answered all my prayers and Guruji is just like you…so very compassionate.. forever giving.. solitude lover..¬† I don’t know how many lifetimes will it take.. but now with Guruji in my life I have atleast started walking…one day it will happen and this journey is beautiful…