As soon as most Indian couples complete an year of marriage most of the curious relatives, concerned friends and interfearing neighbour aunties only have one question. ..Good news kab de rahe ho! That when you will be mummy papa now that u have had some exiting times ,come in the rutt race like us! Since age is running out and once first pregnancy delayed, u get lot of problems in having a child is their uncalled for suggestion, most couple successfully succumb to parental trap! We though having a 3 months daughter at our first wedding anniversary never gave any one to ask us why not, rather they asked Y so soon! So as most bolywood movies have the would be mother getting to know pregnancy by getting nausea or dizzy and then lady Doctor declaring.
Mubarak ho aap baap ban ne waale hei, i myself went to a gynaecologist when after a month of marriage i superceeded my ovulation date and myself informed the would be father the news! Since always seen in bolywood the baby of father putting a poster on wall of would be mother of a cute child ,bringing lots of toys as soon as his wife conceives aswell talking sweetly and babyshlee to baby in womb ,when nothing like this happened, i myself went to Archies gift shop and got the cutest curly haired fat and fair baby girl poster and stuck myself with cellotape on our door! In movies the fathers make would be mother have what ever they crave for even at midnight but reality bites ,i cooked for whole family even if i had office to attend ,no house help for washing clothes or utensils! Also bolywood shows would be dadees giving dryfruiit milk to bahoo but in reality after a long office day i gave the would be daadi milk and banana! In bolywood almiras full of baby clothes r purchased by would be daadoo but reality bites ,sister in law s son s old used clothes were taken after baby is born! Kitna jjooth dikhata hei bolywood and stupid expectations jaagrit kartaa hei! Reality only bites because of expectation and wishes! How was your ( your mom s) first pregnancy experience?