What is so special about Life
Where we continue to Strive
Connecting all along the Way
Seeking love and approval Everyday 

As I reflect and look back upon my life I remember a lot of people with whom I have shared a rapport, built a relationship, and shared a bond. These relationships and bonds bring me a lot of joy and sometimes connecting with people that you seem to have lost touch with provides a great surprise coupled with excitement. Bonds once created are always treasured and revisiting them has its own sense of fulfillment.

As you keep growing you meet many people along the journey of life but it is only with certain people that you connect. If I try to reason out my preferences for this selective bonding I often end up with the logic that it is predestined how this bond will evolve. What persona attracts and what does not is often regulated by our own patterns of likes and dislikes. Sometimes you reach out to a complete stranger as you can feel a strong bond that is difficult to define. On further interactions with them, you may find traits that you share in common that become the foundation for a life long relationship.

Your own outlook in life, your skills of socializing, and your innate desire to be friendly and caring enable you to begin connecting with others. As time passes certain people begin to become an integral part of your life and remain connected with you even if you do not meet them on a regular basis. These links are the most valuable as these are bonds for life, friends who will stand by you when you need them in your moments of glory and solitude.

Genuine connections are to be treasured as they are with people who are your well-wishers and with whom you share a special bond. There are occasions when someone suddenly contacts you and you revisit the cord that binds you both. So carry on and connect with like-minded people as these bonds are like little bubbles that will continue to keep you in a state of euphoria.

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