I have read lots of books on Kundalini and Kundalini Awakening. I always wonder why the books emphasise so much on the unnecessary complications about the figures, alphabets, deities, shapes and number of petals of different chakras when the experience and real truth is completely different. In ‘Kundalini – An Untold Story’, Om Swamiji wrote about such similar views. 

As projected earlier, Kundalini is an uncoiled snake at the base of spine and on awakening one experience a sensation as if a serpent is moving upward towards the head. But Om Swamiji rejected this age old theory and emphasised that Kundalini is not just an uncoiled serpent at the base of spine but layer by layer cleaning of negative thoughts to experience the true self. He explained Kundalini from a totally different perspective.

First few pages of the book can be read here in which he said that chakra bracelet, pendants, incense, mats, rugs, clothes, wall hangings, chakra music, chakra programming and other attractive paraphernalia have absolutely no connection with the real sadhana of chakras and the only way to awaken the Kundalini is by meditating over a prolonged period, that’s all. Our true self is veiled with ten layers i.e. desire, anger, greed, attachment, ego, passion, jealousy, hatred, fear and self-concern. These layers are shed as one elevates spiritually slowly and gradually. With each level of awakening, one discovers bit more about the new self and one shed bit more of the old self.

On Kundalini awakening one finds oneself immensely powerful, talented, full of peace and happiness. One sheds ones negative emotions like anger, jealousy, ego and fear. One reaches state of bliss from where there is no return.  One gains the power – to heal people, to do miracles, to see through them. One’s heart is filled with boundless compassion. One experiences how the whole universe is within oneself. 

Some of the interesting quotes from this book that I want to share are as follows:
1. Like Hanuman, our talents are lying latent within us, our potential is waiting to be realized. We are born of a boon and we have forgotten about it, and as a result of that we have taken ordinary way of life as our destiny.
2. If you walk the path and not give up, you will give results exactly as expected.
3. Mind becomes eternal when it becomes still. No change is possible without movement. Truth is still, and that’s why it’s eternal.
4. If you can remain indifferent to other’s opinion by thinking they are merely joining letters from the alphabet and offering you a garland, majority of your reaction will disappear.
5. Kundalini is love coiled at the bottom of your desires and dreams, waiting to pierce through the wheels of emotions and attachments to attain a union with your own infinite existence.

This book is one more gem from Om Swamiji’s jhola

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