Ours is a beautiful beautiful life.. With a sweet little family,a happy bunch of friends and livelihood. I’m always glad and grateful for this wonderful life.

“Boomerang”… I got an opportunity to practically feel it when I was once on a vacation in a hilly terrain… It was fun shouting aloud and hearing back the same again and again. That time I was really small in my secondary school times. At that point I’ll f time, I could interpret it as a principle of physics….


However later ,I got to feel the depth and essence of this scientific term.. There are various phases in our life.If I talk about mine,first ,it was a childhood happy and carefree… Then we entered our schools,had to go through the extensive syllabi… Yes all those years ,twice a week,there was a moral science class where we were taught myriad of values through examples and stories.. However, implementation of  them was rare!!!

Then came the higher studies, and  then got married!!! Then started another phase of life ,commitment and dedication to someone who were not related to us by blood.. It was nice.

I don’t remember my first experience of karma boomerang.. But yes ,one thing is for sure.If I praised or let me say that even today ,if I praise somebody I try to learn and inculcate those values..On the contrary ,if I criticise someone,surprisingly after sometime I find myself in the same pool… Yes ,trust me,it happens!!!!

When I talk about karma , if I do something good ,according to me ,let’s say getting a smile on someone’s face ,before my day finishes,I receive the same warm gesture randomly unplanned by somebody!!!! It’s an amazing energy game!!!!!!

It’s a very wonderful feeling….. Try out someday!!! As what Newton says ,for every action there’s a reaction!! It’s a life rule also..

Also ,I make sure,that if something magical happens to me I do the same for others.. It multiplies manifolds and that contentment hormone elevates me up!!!

Praise the grace of almighty!!!

Jai Shri Hari