I go to the post office every day riding a bicycle. I work there as the branch postmaster. It is in Ratanpur village in West Bengal.
It is about 11kms from my location where I am renting a room. It takes me around 40-45 minutes to get there.
Initially, I felt bored as everyone surpassed me on their motorcycle. And I am going slow, always behind.

Then one day, it so happened that during this slow journey, I just chanted the holy name. Every time my mind wandered into some depressing thought, I would tell it ‘you will be entertained later, but now is the time to chant’. I would focus my vision on the few meters ahead on the road and chant the holy name (being in the village, there is not much traffic).

Amazingly, my slow, long & boring journey becomes so engrossing and beautiful that it seems very fast to reach my destination.
I realized that Holy names have the amazing power to turn each and every journey into a memorable and happy one.

One day, I thought I would chant X number of times. But I couldn’t focus, and I reached my workplace. I was a bit disappointed that day. This was when  I was planning to do sadhana (maybe just chanting or learning Hatha yoga).

I have passed 23 years of my life. I fear that, just like my bicycle journey, my life journey will also come to an end suddenly, leaving me unfulfilled.

I realized that by trying to make all life components like money, and relationships PERFECT, I had deluded myself. If I just do my practice, I certainly feel fulfilled in whatever situation I am in.

I think God is always guiding us. We just need to be calm and focus on listening to his advice.

Jai Sri Krishna
Jai Guru deva
Namo parvati pate har har mahadev