On an idle day one climbs up the ladder,

The ladder, it is to an old attic, perhaps one

Far too old. It is dusty, and has not been

Opened for years perhaps. 
I should wonder why I go there,

But sands fall, as surely as wind blows.

Though I should wonder

“Will wind always blow?

Will it blow in an arid desert

And a lush forest?

Or will it desert one of the two?”

In thinking so I notice I have moved away

From my goal of opening my attic.

My foot’s arch pays me my dues,

And there is painful reminder that

Two cents are not indeed worth two measly coins.

No, they torment me in a doctor’s bill I must pay.

I secede to the will at long last, thumping down

And abandoning my earlier goal of opening boxes

In the attic. Though in doing so I believe I have

Accomplished a superior goal, in the practice of box-opening.

* * * * *

This poem was written in free verse, hence why it doesn’t have any rhyming lines. Free verse poetry is often used by poets to express deeper emotions as opposed to a heavily structured rhyming poem. I chose to write several poems in free verse as an experiment. It has worked out for me well, as I’m able to express my feelings and thoughts better in free verse.

Thank you for reading this! 

– Rishi