The biggest mistake of every generation is that they keep repeating the same thing that their previous generation(s) did. And for that they have thousand reasons. For example, elections in India. A good number of people in India already decide whom they would vote. They either go with party line or caste or some other factor which was the deciding factor for their elders. (though few people tend to break that custom). When some one joined a particular political party saying that “my father was in this party, my father’s wife is in this party, so I shall also serve this same party”. It give a chance to laugh at such a thought. There could have been better reasons for joining a political party, but s/he could not think beyond the circle of crippled mentality. Such mentality is not good for a prospering democracy and democratic values.

Most of us are walking or running in a circle, knowing or unknowingly. And the mistake is that even if we know, we do not want to break that circle, infact we keep enjoying it. We feel comfortable. Our forefathers made mistakes by following social vices, we also keep doing the same thing and give the same treatment to the next generation. For example, if we were pushed to marry on caste line, we revolt and make all the hue and cry and drama, and in the end we give up and marry to the person with the choice of our family. But here we do not put the full stop. We also do the same thing to our children. And our children also have to suffer the same trauma of caste and class division. Rather, our responsibility should be that if something good could not happen to us, we should ensure that the same regressive culture or system should not be repeated or carried forward. We should be ready to take the risk of breaking the circle in which we are running. Because we are going round and round, we are not able to reach anywhere and we are trapped in our own doing. Its just an illusion that we are progressing, but in reality we are not.

Knowingly or unknowingly, every human being is aspiring for expansion, but s/he doesn’t want to take risk. Expansion can be of any thing – education, money, luxury, etc. However these are not factors of human development or expansion of human perception. These are just expansion of means. But we think limited, so we think this is the only expansion we can have. We need to understand that these are only outside things. And they are not helpful for our development within. Even after owning a luxury, high-end car, the person driving is always comfortable with jumping the red light. Then where has his education gone. And that is a common scene in Indian cities.

What I mean to say that we should break the circle that was drawn by our elders, we should walk the path which leads us to somewhere and not trap us in pity things of caste or class or material objects.

We should decide, that whatever we suffered due to regressive mentality of society, wont be transferred to the next generation. We should promise to ourselves to put a full stop to it. And draw a progressive path for ourselves and for the next generation. That should be our biggest contribution to the society.