Temptation arises,
Don’t fight them,
Don’t run away,
Breathe in and out…
And Buddhahood!

Anger manifests,
Don’t hold it,
Don’t shout or smash,
Breathe in and out…
And peace!

Tension muddles,
Don’t frustrate,
Don’t get hot,
Breathe in and out…
And calmness!

Revenge bobbles,
Don’t fix right-wrong,
Don’t teach a lesson,
Breathe in and out…
And Forgiveness!

Sorrow everywhere,
Don’t escape life,
Don’t intoxicate,
Breathe in and out…
And happiness!

Fear spreads,
Don’t give up,
Don’t demotivate,
Breathe in and out…

Breathe in and out…



Breathing is directly connected with our mood patterns. For every mood that occurs our berating changes in it. This is the science of chemistry. And the science of spirituality is vice-versa, as we change our breathing pattern, we feel different emotions and subsequent moods. And this is all the secret, to breathe like a Buddha..and hence feel like a Buddha. When we are overpowered with negative emotions, we forget our breathing, and it becomes shallow and without any rhythm. Calmness descends as deep and rhythmic breathing begins.


Photo by Kelvin Valerio from Pexels