is everything.
how we breathe defines our life.

when we’re out of breath,
we panic, worry, and sick.
when we’re full of breath,
we calm, alive, and energized.

a deep breath brings mindfulness.

yet, we often fail to be mindful.
because we often fail to breathe deeply.

we’re so busy moving, hustling, and running.
we’re so busy doing and we resist just being.

while resisting nature will only break us.
because we are a part of nature, too.
we cannot resist ourselves.

we are human beings.
to just be is to be human.
to be with nature
is to balance doing and being.

luckily, we can balance our life.
everyone can breathe deeply.
I can, you can, anyone can.
it’s so simple.

let’s stop, breathe deeply, and just be.

breathing deeply.
breathing in happiness.
breathing out worry.

may you be at ease.
may you be at peace.

we can find happiness right now.
whenever we want.
wherever we are.

happiness is always there.
when we succeed in breathing deeply.