The moon is behind the clouds but its still there… and I see the face of my hope in this moon.

It tells me stories of those who fought in adverse situations and are here… still fighting.
And that’s how life is… we always have that streak within us… sometimes we might fail to see it…
But like the moon… it’s there
deep inside behind the dark clouds…
The moon tells me to look at the beauty of these dark clouds…like the universe connects us to each other…
The moon asks me to look at the dark clouds and questions me…what i like the most and i say rains..
So then look at these clouds what does it says …I answer that it might rain…
yes, you are right…..
so after these dark clouds…what might happen…
And i get my answer and just smile on this realization.
Like these dark clouds….my pain will also turn into rain…nourishing me from within…
reminding of my worth..
Germinating seeds of self love and making me stronger …
Feeding me with hope like a mother feeds her child…
And I sigh at this beauty…of my own beauty…
I have come so far…i will learn to cherish my journey.

And thus my heart sings this poem for all those brave hearts out there.


O daughter of the universe, breathe

For the stars shine and the sun rises


For each mark on your hand,

you stoop up and continue to survive


For the child that resides within you

Wait, and see her beautiful smile


And look into her eyes

She engulfs within powers so divine


For the flowers that bloom in your garden

Look at them and paint your walls with wine


For there is a soul that resides within you

And that is my friend the beauty of life


For love will find its way to you

Not outside, it resides within you.


And so stop by to say thank you

as the universe is here, the universe is you