Indian arranged marriages are about getting married to a family and with parent in laws , extended family relatives also staying in same house with limited space ,the idea of privacy, me time or self decided cook or sleep aswelll bathing hours or micro mini minutes goes for a toss! With upper middle class families usually having 2 bed room houses and if you are extremely lucky then an attached wash room with them! With shared bath rooms ,common kitchen and single t.vs 22 years back life was not as smooth! I got married in a financially comfortable family but since the house which we had to immideately live as a couple after marriage was a single room barsaati ,life would be very rosy and cosy was my shekh chilli sapna! As the Hellen bolywood dresses ,i too bought the pink frills 4 piece nighty sets and furry foot wear! A would be bride visualises herself no less than princess Diana though she turns out to be the boycut Bsp head within first week of marriage! Since our family was told before marriage only that we ll move to a 2 bed room house which would be vacated by tentats within 4 months of our marriage so i can’t call it cheating or deceiving us , but the Hosh you get after getting married wakes u up from exciting Josh soon! As we moved in the multipurpose room which had our fridge ,godrej almira ,t.v , a mountain of suitcases and quilts on side and matress on the floor, to teach the new tradition and house chores my mother in law moved with us! After an exciting honey moon in Mauritius and office reality in front ,the bed room which was a dinning, drawing, t v and chit chatting room had no latch! Even in my parental house if i think now ,my parents bedroom was as assscible to me and my grand father! According to a survey most Indian families live in similar set ups with parents and kids all glued as honey bees to a new bride ! And what about her? Have you ,your wife or your mom ever felt such emotions?