Thinking about making a “Go To Market (GTM)” plan, for your startup or business? 

A Go To Market plan is what you make to acquire customers for your business, and it covers aspects of product-market fit, pricing, positioning and then arriving at how to reach our target audience, and acquiring them for our business

Recently, I  recorded a video for IIMB accelerator’s study material, on how you can build a plan to acquire customers for your business in 5 easy steps. Sharing it here, with a hope this helps some of the #founders in making or refining their Go to market/Marketing plan.

YouTube video

If you are interested in the slides, you can download at –

Here is the summary of steps

Step 1 –  What Business/Market we are in ?
Step 2 –  Who are my target customers? 
Step 3 – Hone your messaging for your target customer.
Step 4 – Where do these customers hang out ?
Step 5 – Reach them where they are. Ongoing optimizations to add and remove tactics for acquisition

If you have been able to listen to the video, and want me to share my 2 cents on your business or any business of interest, and some ideas for GTM or customer campaigns, leave a comment below.

ps: Part 2 –  I also added an dedicated video on how to acquire first 100 customers  for SAAS (Software as a Service) business, from my personal experience of doing it for our business

YouTube video