Well this is a Shayari that I recently came across. Loved it so thought of sharing.

Bulati hai magar jaane ka nahi – Not only the world but our mind also calls us out to do things that we don’t wish to… don’t heed to its requests.

Ishaq kar magar hadh se guzar jaanke nai – Don’t run for human/material love. If it comes okay, if it doesn’t even better.

Sitaare noch kar lejaunga, main khaali haath ghar jaanke nai – Before we die we must discover our true nature.

Waba phaili hui har taraf, abhi mahaul marjaaneka nai – Self explanatory

Gardan naapta hai naaple, magar zaalim se darr janeka nai – Situations may get tough but don’t be fearful of them. Everything is temporary.

Often we get so engrossed in the journey of self-improvement that we forget to relax. It needn’t be this way though. Once in a while we can live just like a living being.

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