“My beloved sister, How are you?” Asked Malhar

“Why are you here? Go away. Somebody may see you.” hissed Palinka

“I am here to wake you up from the sleep.”

“What sleep?”

“Sleep of ignorance.”

“Don’t speak in codes. Be clear.”

“You are ignorant. All this agricultural land belongs to you. Why don’t you ask all of it, it rightfully belongs to you.”

“I have already asked for it from my husband.”

“No, don’t just ask. Seize, what is rightfully yours.”

“No, I can’t seize it. He loves Harshwardhan more than anyone. And my mother-in-law, that idiot Kamini, she is very smart. She doesn’t allow any of my plan to succeed.”

“What if, you eliminate her?”

“You idiot, my husband will kill me, if I even think of touching that joker kamini.”

“Sometimes, accident do happen. You  don’t need to kill her.”

“Like how?”

“Like snake biting, drinking poisonous water.”

“Wait, what? What did you just say?”

“poisonous water?!” replied Malhar with questioning look

“Oh my dear. How ignorant of me. I could have killed her, without getting blood on my hands.”

“How?” asked Malhar with evil curiosity

“First, tell me why do you care about me so much.”

“I just care about my revenge. I just want to kill Rajveer. And you will get agricultural land, this house and gold. All of this, which rightfully belongs to you.”

“You are going to kill my husband?”

“Yes. I just want my revenge. I will support you to seize this land, after Rajveer dies. It will belong to you. Sell it to me and I will give you enough money to last for 7 lifetimes. You can go away from this village with money. And thereafter, we will never meet to keep it a secret.”

“Hmm. Let me think over it.”

“I don’t have time for your games. I can do it other way too.”

“No wait. Don’t go. I am ready with this deal.”

“Now, tell me, how will you do it?”

“I will push her in well water.”

“Doesn’t she know how to swim?”

“She knows. But this time she won’t be able to swim.”

“How is it even possible?” asked Malhar with irritation

“Let’s keep it secret right now. I can’t trust people right away. You will have to earn my trust by doing your part of job, by killing Rajveer. I will handle Kamini. You will hear very soon, about how she died. And then I will have my own way, in this house and on this property.” Said Palinka with a burning fire of greed in her eyes