BURNS OF YAJNA🔥: Practicing yajna has always been special for me..it has always been the part of my sadhana and personally I love it…I have always felt a connection with the fire..After every yajna something in me burns internally,the internal garbage and the beautiful part about is that it not only burns but also at the same time it  rekindles the fire the inner fire to move forward on the path with Love and compassion…and the most beautiful and graceful  experience for me of yajna is that even in the hot summers I don’t feel the heat of yajna and after every yajna I feel more cooler,calmer and more lighter..it just burns away everything that is not needed in me.. ❣️🕉️ ❣️

This has been my beautiful experience of doing a Yajna and I thought to share this with my little beautiful family…may MAHADEV grace always be with everyone Love and Light ❤️🙏😊🕉️

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