Starting from the bus adda,the bus gets to Saharanpur’s main chowk and the traffic is really heavy there. So,it usually takes us at least half an hour to get out of Saharanpur district. After that many small cities comes and goes but the bus doesn’t stop there. The starting phase of the journey is not so pleasant as their is so much dust in the bus and on the roads,there is so much heat in the bus that we are constantly sweating and there are so many people in the bus that the atmosphere of the bus becomes suffocating. Not too far in our journey and the people who are standing starts asking my mother and my father about whether we have purchased full ticket for my younger brother as they thought we have also purchased aadi ticket for my small brother like they have,so they also have a right to sit with aadi ticket but we always purchase a full ticket for my little brother( if you are not understanding about this aadi ticket,full ticket business then simply ignore it,they are just petty middle class issues). Then those people who were standing starts to leave the bus when their destination arrives and this gives us a little space to breathe. In the bus also, our old friends(vendors) comes and they usually sell coconut pieces(nariyal ki giri), orange candies,cold drinks and chips but we only purchase nariyal ki giri from them. After some time,our bus cross the U.P. border and enters into Uttarakhand. The signboard also comes in between our journey inicating that Haridwar is just a few kilometers away.