After crossing the border and entering Uttrakhand, the whole vibe of the bus changes. The interior atmosphere of the bus becomes pleasant, cool breeze starts entering the bus and we can feel it’s gentle touch as by this time, the bus becomes spacious because almost half of the people have already gotten off from the bus as their destinations arrived. Some time pass and we get the darshan of Ganga Ji in Rorkee(I think). I want to confess that it’s so surreal, beautiful and divine to see Ganga Ji flowing in front of us. Then a range of bridges starts that our bus crosses. The mountains also become visible and when we get to see those big, green and pretty mountains , then we know that it’s a matter of minutes before we reach Haridwar. After that we also get to see Patanjali Yogpeeth in our way on both sides of the bus as there are two branches of it in front of each other. For people who don’t know, Patanjali Yogpeeth is owned by the famous Yog Guru of India Swami Ramdev Ji and also by Acharya Balkrishan Ji, who is a very famous ayurvedacharya of our country.  A theme park or an amusement park called crystal world also comes on the right side of the highway. Finally, the main bridge before the bus adda comes and we bow down to Ganga Ji before we step foot in her city. I want to tell you all that there is so much scenery and greenery around Haridwar that our eyes don’t get bored (even if you are a social media addict)from looking outside the window for that 1 hour before we reach the bus adda of Haridwar. Lastly the bus adda comes and we gather our luggage to get off from the bus.


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