But You were unexpected.
The best love is unexpected.

I heard You call my name.
And I turned to see Your face
(Oh, I thought You were just an idol)
But You looked at me with kind eyes
and spoke soft words
Your smile
so soft
it caressed me.
I closed my eyes for Your embrace.

And then You took my voice away.
I dropped my veil before Your divine feet.

For long I’d chased myself away
from the only path my heart knew.
All my space and deep within
You were there and there indeed.
I hold You close in my heart every breath.
And all I know
is without You
I could never find my way.

I am You and not me.

Oh Lord Sri Hari
let me fall asleep
to the sound of Your heartbeat.

Pic Credit – Anubha Bhansali’s Intagram Page : https://www.instagram.com/anubhabhansali/

O Lord Sri Hari! You are my only support, refuge, and source of comfort. Please dwell in all your devotees hearts.